Later this month from February 23-25th, a three day Festival of Creativity called #ARTCONNECTS is being held.  The Festival is based in London, but there are also events being held around the UK.  The Festival aims to celebrate the power of creativity, technology and people.  Running alongside the Festival will be a project called ‘#ILoveArt’.  People involved in the arts from all over the UK have been asked to take a picture of themselves holding a sign saying ‘#I Love Art’.  The pictures will be blown up to life size and displayed at Kings Cross.  The aim is to have 1,000 posters.

During our ‘Arts & Crafts’ printing session in January, participants each printed out a sign to hold, and then had their picture taken for this project.  The pictures of those who consented, have now been sent to the organisers.  We have yet to find out whether any, or all, of them will be displayed in the Festival, but the organisers were very pleased that our group had entered into the spirit of the Festival.


To find out more about this project and the Festival go to:www.steamco.org.uk/ILoveArt

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